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    Just some of our prizes...

    In our 3rd year with over 80 prizes generously donated by local businesses. They include a wide variety of experiences, goods and discounts, including vouchers for meals, health care experiences, and Donutting. All proceeds go to help individuals and charitable organisations in Farnham.

    Calendars will be on sale from 24th September until end November at a cost of £5. They will also be available through Farnham Lions Members.

    Your calendar will have a unique number printed on the front. Check every day through this website from 1st to 24th December to see if your number has won a prize and follow the instructions.

    Further details in the Q&A section below.

    • A and D Car Care, Guildford Road Trading Estate, GU9 9PZ
    • Morgan’s Butchers, Ridgway Stores, GU9 8NN
    • Blue Bear Bookshop, The Borough, GU9 7ND
    • Waverley Foot Clinic, East Street, GU9 7SW
    • The Wineyard, Lion and Lamb Yard, GU9 7HH
    • The Castle pub, Castle Street, GU9 7HR
    • Farnham Vet Practice and Hospital, East Street, GU9 7SX
    • Grant & Co, Downing Street, GU9 7PB
    • Surrey Hills butchers, Tongham, GU10 1DE
    • Birdies Coffee House and Bar, GU9 0AU
    • 40 Degreez Youth and Community centre, GU9 7UD
    • South Farnham school, Menin Way, GU10 3PE
    • St Polycarps school, Waverley Lane, GU9 8BQ
    • Farnham Mailtings foyer, GU9 7QR
    • Bourne Green pavillion, GU10 3PR
    • Hazelbank Nursery, Tilford,  GU10 2AA
    • Smallbones butchers, GU9 7PB
    • 18th November – Christmas Lights switch on, Gostrey Meadow
    • 22nd/23rd November – Maltings Christmas Fair
    • 26th November – Farmers Market, Central Car Park

    There will be 2 Special Santa days on 10th, and 17th December.

    Good luck


    Advent Calendar Terms and Conditions Q&A

    The Calendar is similar to a raffle ticket. Each Calendar has a unique serial number on the bottom right of the front cover. From 1st-24th December  the winning numbers will be published daily on this website. The winning numbers will also be published weekly in the Farnham Herald. If the unique number on your Calendar is drawn you will win one of the prizes under the window on the calendar for that particular day.  On Lucky Dip days, the winning numbers and prizes are published here. You will need to email advent@farnhamlions.org.uk  with your name, email, contact phone, and photographic proof (if possible) of your winning number, so it is important to keep your calendar. We will reply within 48 hours to congratulate you, provide further instructions, and get you in contact with the prize donor to learn how to collect your prize. If, at any time you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    All profits from the Advent Calendar will go into the charity account of Farnham Lions Club to support local good causes

    There are no discounts for multiple purchases

    There are no refunds on Calendars and they are not for resale

    The daily draws will be overseen by an independent adjudicator

    No, once the unique serial number on a Calendar has been drawn and won a prize, it will be removed from subsequent draws

    That would be the fun way to do it! However, details of prizes and their winning calendar numbers for previous days will be kept on the Lions website until the end of February 2023. So do not worry if you miss a day – you can go back to see if you won.

    Prizes cannot be swapped for cash or a different prize

    If you win a prize you can, of course, gift it to someone else

    All prizes must be picked up by end February 2023. Further instructions will be provided to the winner. However some prizes may have limited validity, for example some restaurant vouchers, so please claim as soon as you can.

     Yes some of the prizes by their very nature have constraints, for instance, a test drive prize requires the winner to be of a certain age and have a clean driving licence, some such as ‘Go Ape’ have safety rules and some of the restaurant prizes have limits on numbers etc. Prizes containing alcohol will only be given to an adult (over 18). In all cases such constraints will be clearly communicated with the winner.

    Sorry no, we are not set up to receive remote payment and post the calendars – they are quite large too!

    Finally: All the prizes have been donated in good faith, however Farnham Lions Club are not liable for any of the prizes. However, if for some reason the published prize becomes unavailable Farnham Lions Club will put every effort into find a suitable replacement.

    Any queries please contact Farnham Lions club on advent@farmhamlions.org.uk and we will endeavour to reply within 48 hours.