About Farnham Lions

Farnham Lions is a voluntary group that seeks to serve the local community. Through a variety of fund raising ventures, donations are given to a range of recipients from clubs and societies to individuals. Each are individually checked and verified. The Advent calendar is part of the fund raising portfolio. The money raised will help worthy causes in our area. The prizes have been generously donated by local businesses and the printing costs covered by local sponsorship.

Some of our projects

Each year we set out to raise funds that will enable our members to provide support to individuals, couples, families and organisations that are also providing support to those in need. We also plan a full range of community activities that can be enjoyed by all and volunteer our time to support other community events and initiatives. 

In number we are almost 50, in outlook we are broad, as regards gender and age we don’t mind. The strong
female membership of the club has a very positive impact and the broad spread of experience both professional and vocational is a strength to all involved. Many of our members are still in full time employment.

The main thing is that we have a common interest in serving those less fortunate than ourselves in our community, and enjoying good fellowship and fun along the way. All members have every opportunity to fully participate as they wish at every level within the club.

We all enjoy a glass of beer or wine (or two…) or something soft as well as a good chat, even in the midst of our more earnest activities.

None of us believes we are more important than those we seek to serve.

And what does that all amount to…… in most years we raise around £80,000 – £100,000 for distribution and support of our community.